27 abril 2005

Plant... Robert Plant?!?!

Acabei de receber o seguinte 'press-release' (curiosíssimo):

Robert Plant: Gifted singer and songwriter. Remarkable solo artist. Legendary Led Zeppelin frontman.

The instantly recognizable voice that has endured over the course of a truly astonishing career now delivers a new masterpiece, MIGHTY REARRANGER. An album that defies genres and categorization, MIGHTY REARRANGER is a truly ambitious undertaking.

MIGHTY REARRANGER is no mere solo outing, however.

A frontman who has played with rock's best, Plant has again surrounded himself with formidable bandmates. Strange Sensation, featuring veterans of Massive Attack and Portishead, are a force to be reckoned with. Behind Plant's vocals, the arrangements soar and swerve. Electronica-tinged keyboards and exotic percussion instruments add intrigue. And guitar playing that draws a straight line from the Mississippi Delta to the bazaars of Morocco forms to provide the perfect canvas for the legendary voice to tell his tale.

Plant + Massive Attack + Portishead = ???????
..."from Mississippi Delta to the bazaars of Morocco" é script conhecido, desde 'Physical Graffiti' e principalmente no 'UnLedEd - No Quarter' gravado com o Page. Plant já experimentou muita eletrônica também, principalmente na 2a metade dos anos 80 (com gosto muito duvidoso). Mas agora com veteranos do Massive e do Portishead? Crossover sinistro que pode ter ficado do c@r@j0. Conto quando descobrir.

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