26 setembro 2004


Brincando com o acrônimo HTDAAB (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb):

Heading Towards Death And Always Believing.
How to Die Alone and Broken.
Hit The Drink, Alcoholics Anonymous Beware
How the Dinosaur Ate a Beachball
How to Dump an American Babe
Heart That doubles as a Bag
How to Do an Awesome Backflip
Heaven Throws Down All Almighty Beings
Helicopters That Dance Around Are Banging
Hundred Toffee Doughnuts and a Biscuit?
How the Days are Always Blue
Have they done Another Achtung Baby?
Hell Takes Dirty Angels and Badboys
How the Dreams and Ambitions Began
Heaven Through Drugs, Alcohol And Bass
How to Dash Across a Bridge
How To Date Airhostesses And Blondes...
Hold the Dream and Always Believe
Happy Tigers Drive Audi's After Breakfast
How To Dream, And Always Believe
How To Dye An Animal Blue
Hold The drums And Add Bass

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