26 novembro 2004

HTDAAB: -4 dias (Depoimentos)

There’s plenty of music in this world that can make you think up little movies in your head, but U2 are the only band whose music convinces me, with sheer force of passion, that the film I’m writing in my skull is the greatest movie I have ever seen.

I love the book in the ‘special limited edition’. Prunes fans among us will appreciate its new form of beauty vibe — check out the ‘hearts held between our legs’ drawing. I like this album, it’s a great friend to have.

We’ve known about the existence of this song for a long time; it was written about Bono’s father and has also been known as ‘Tough,’ but we didn’t know what it sounded like. Well it turned out, it sounds amazing. Fantastically amazing. In my mind it runs away with ‘best on the album’ status, and frankly, I’d call it a ‘With Or Without You’ - level classic. If it’s not a massive hit, then there’s no justice in the world… I melt for the chorus every time (sing, Edge, sing!), and having just watched the DVD, I find it almost unbelievable that that part of the song just “arrived” at the last moment of recording — it truly does feel like it was the bit of melody that was always meant to be there, that there’s no other piece of music that could match the chorus so well. Phenomenal.
Chris - Falando de "Sometimes You Can't make it on your own"

If U2 already have many strings to their bow, (big wide anthems, moody B sides) then a summer sound that began with ‘Spanish Eyes’ made a reappearance on ‘Wild Honey’ pops up here again on ‘A Man And A Woman’. ‘Little Sister’ Bono pines into the stillness of a summer night to a lilting flamenco accompaniment. With its ‘sleeping in the streets’ imagery and radio friendly breezy air it also makes a nod to ‘Mysterious Ways’.
Pat - Falando de "A Man and a Woman"

É do caralho!!

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